Purchase, trade, and retain over 100 cryptocurrencies through Altera Invest.

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Unleash boundless opportunities with Altera Invest.

Immerse yourself in the realm of investments.

Our mobile platform enables trading on financial markets using iOS and Android-powered smartphones and tablets.

Increase your capital with our assistance.

Our platform is the preferred choice of thousands of traders for navigating the markets, providing a plethora of opportunities for traders of every skill level.

Altera Invest Staking

Hold your crypto funds and start earning.

Fund your account

To initiate cryptocurrency trading, simply deposit funds into your crypto account. We offer a range of payment methods for your convenience.

Verify your identity

Ensure the security of your account and transactions by successfully completing the identity verification process.

Start trading

You're all set! Begin purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies, and establish recurring buys for your investment endeavors.

Trade on the move. Anywhere, at any time.

Stay informed with our mobile and desktop applications.







Your reliable cryptocurrency exchange.

At Altera Invest, we are dedicated to safeguarding our users through rigorous protocols and state-of-the-art technical safeguards.

Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU)

Altera Invest allocates 10% of all trading fees to a secure asset fund, safeguarding a portion of user funds.

Personalised Access Control

Our advanced access control empowers you to limit the devices and addresses that can access your account, providing you with greater peace of mind.

Advanced Data Encryption

Your transaction data is protected through end-to-end encryption, assuring that your personal information remains accessible only to you.

Start earning today